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TimaSearch Business Directory is an on-line platform where you can both search for or post information about Persian businesses worldwide. You can obtain useful information about different services or products offered within the Farsi communities in different countries of the world. This section covers detailed guidelines for both general users searching the directory and business owners willing to open an account on TimaSearch Business Directory and submit detailed information about their services and/or products.
How to Search the Directory?

The information on TimaSearch Business Directory has been organized in a very efficient manner.  You can easily search and access your needed information with the fewest clicks possible. Businesses have been listed here according to their category and location. Within each category, businesses have been grouped on the basis of the country, the state/province and the city of their location.
While browsing the directory, you can easily visit various business listings by clicking on different business categories (for example Accountants, Beauty Salons, etc.). At the same time you can shift between different countries by
clicking on the countries' titles located on the horizontal toolbar on the top of the categories list. When you click on one category (let's say accountants) within a country (let's say the USA), you automatically enter the listing of all accountants within the most important city in that country (here it will be Los Angeles, California). If you want to find an accountant in a different city within the USA, you can simply use the drop down menu "choose other cities", and click on the city of your choice (let's say New York). You will automatically jump into the listing of accountants within New York city. While you are in the New York city accountants listing, if you click on a country name on the horizontal toolbar (let's say Canada), you will jump into the accountants list of Canada's most important city (Toronto).
Something which is worth mentioning here is that the most important city in a country is not necessarily the capital or the largest city in that country. Here the importance is on the basis of the size of the Persian / Farsi speaking community and the number of Persian businesses in that city.

Instead of browsing the directory, you can also use the advanced search tool which enables you to focus your search on specific keywords. At the same time, you can narrow down your search within a specific category in a country or even in a single city in that country.

Either browsing the website through the navigation toolbars or using the advanced search tool, you will end up to a listing of businesses. By clicking on individual links, you will eventually go to profiles of those businesses. There you can find a lot of information about a specific business including an introduction about the business, the description of its services/products in both English and Farsi, and the contact information. Moreover you can directly send a request or enquiry to that business by using the contact from at the bottom of the profile page. 

We have also created some evaluation tools for profiles section, so that our visitors can help verifying the information of businesses by filter out spams and outdated information. On the top of the profile page, you can see three icons. Clicking on each one of them takes you to a form in which you can provide more information about your evaluation, and submit it to our editors. We urge you to evaluate the profile pages when you see some discrepancies or outdated information. Your contributions make the Persian directory even more accurate and authentic.
How to Open a Free Profile?

If you are a business owner and you speak Farsi, or your business appears somehow relevant to a Farsi speaking community, you can open a free profile on TimaSearch Business Directory. You can then post general information about your business as well as precise details about your services and products. By simply clicking on Add your Business link on any pages of TimaSearch Business Directory, you can jump into our quick registration form. The registration form asks you many details of your business. Try to provide as much information as you can about your business both in English and in Farsi. The good thing about TimaSearch Business Directory is that it is bilingual. This will guarantee maximum exploitability by different walks of people within Persian communities in particular and Farsi Speaking communities in general.

After opening your profile on TimaSearch Business Directory, you can add detailed specifications to your products/services and edit them at any time. Your business Profile page also includes your contact information and an online form which help the visitors to properly get in touch with you. All your newly posted information about your business or products will be added to your profile within a few hours.

Please make sure your read carefully our
Privacy statement as well as our Terms & Conditions. This will help you a lot to learn more about your responsibilities while promoting your business online on TimaSearch.com. Also it will help you learn about limitations of our liabilities while you stay as a member of our community.

Currently we grant you 2000 Advertising points when you open your profile on TimaSearch Business Directory. Considering the numerous visitors who visit TimaSearch Directory everyday, you can easily promote your business within our highly targeted community. For more information about this promotion, please read in detail our Advertise with us section.   

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