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Translation Forum / Important points before using this Forum
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Please make sure you will search the forum before posting your questions. There are many similar posts which have already been answered. This saves both your time and other people's who are reviewing the postings to provide responses to them. For browsing all postings by topic you may click here. Also there is a possibility for you to browse the forum by chorological order. For this, please visit our most recent postings.
The purpose of this group is to facilitate translation from and into Farsi (Persian), for Scholars, translators, and individuals who are interested in Farsi Language. If it is the first time you are attending this Forum please make sure to review some of the points which are necessary for you to know before you start posting your questions or texts for translations. You may be a student taking a course in Farsi translation or just starting as a would-be Farsi translator in your career path. You may be an individual in need of some help in translating some text. Or you maybe a professional translator interested in how a colleague sees the business. If you are any of these people, you are quite welcomed to our forum. 
Please make sure you completely understand the following points before using TimaSearch Farsi Translation Forum:
  • Make titles for your posts/threads clear and to the point.
  • Before posting your message, try to review the forum briefly to avoid posting a similar topic.
  • Respect the opinions of all users. Avoid poor or angry attitudes in your posts.
  • No off-topic posts will be allowed. Anything that is not properly related to the topics of this forum will be deleted by the webmaster. 
  • Avoid multi-posting your messages (All your threads will be deleted if you send the same post in multiple threads.). 
  • Posts/Threads that are meaningless and lack the ability to express proper content will be deleted by the webmaster. 

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