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TimaSearch provides quality Farsi translation services (Persian translation) throughout the world. We do our best to provide our customers with cost-effective, professional services, efficiently and on time. To achieve this, TimaSearch has employed competent translators with specialties in specific fields. This approach assures that quality is built into the translation as early in the process as possible. Once completed, the translation goes through final reviews by a qualified linguist to correct any probable errors. We have the experience and credentials to translate the most demanding and complex texts between Farsi and English, French, German, Arabic, etc. The scope of our expertise in our Farsi translations includes manuals, books, contracts and proposals, system descriptions and specifications, data sheets, websites, marketing brochures, business correspondence, software and more. For those customers who have an urgent need to get their documents translated, we have a special team which respond to their urgent requests in a very short time. Typical turn-around time for a 1,000-word document is usually 24 to 36 hours.
Another special service of TimaSearch is translation of websites and online documents. If you have a website in Farsi Language and wish your business to expand into international markets, it is quite vital for you to translate them into accurate English (or in case you target other languages communities into those languages, namely French, Arabic, German, and Armenian) so that your messages reach your target audience effectively and accurately. Furthermore for those international companies wishing to address Farsi/Dari Speaking communities, it is essential to get their online materials translated into accurate Farsi. In TimaSearch we do our best to work with you every step of the way to insure that the final product fully meets your expectations. we hope you like many of our previous customers find 100% satisfaction with your translations.
These are some of the reasons why you should choose Tima Search services:
  • Quick Translation
    With a large group of competent translators, we can respond quickly and effectively to your Farsi translation needs. (check our Farsi translation services page for a complete list of subjects) 
  • Free Estimate of Translation Costs
    We provide you with quick free estimates of your Farsi translation (Persian translation) costs. Just send us your document/text, and obtain a same day cost quotation.  
  • Unicode Farsi Text Format
    Using Unicode Farsi text format facilitates transfer and usability of Farsi data in a global way.
  • Website Translation Services
    With a team of specialized translators, technical experts and localization professionals, We can perform a Farsi to English/French or English/ French to Farsi conversion of your web site.  
  • Reasonable Translation Costs
    We offer very reasonable rates, as well as considerable discounts for longer documents/texts. 
  • Flexible Easy Payment of Services
    You can pay for your Farsi translation job in the way most convenient to you (This can be online money transfer to our Bank account, credit card, or even by a check drawn on your business or personal bank account.) You can pay in any major currency including dollars, (USA, Canadian, Australian), British pounds, Euros, and even Japanese yens.


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