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Welcome to our special Farsi Search Service. This service is specially devised for English or French speakers having no knowledge of Farsi language but are in desperate need to search for their special needs on Farsi web sites. You should send us an email and explain what kinds of Farsi web sites you are specifically looking for. Upon receiving your email one of our Researcher follows up your request. He/she may contact you in person for further clarifications and quoting you the charge for fulfillment of your special request. Upon your acceptance our researcher will go on a comprehensive search for you. The result will come up as a list of Website URLs, each explained in English or French quite exactly the contact of the sites (Of course they are all relevant to your search request.). We hope this service satisfies your Farsi search needs in the best way possible. Usually such searches are really cost effective when you are about to translate the content of some sites into English or French. In this way you make sure you have the right content at you hand before embarking any sort of translation which is usually more costly. Just send us an email to () and let us take care of the rest. 




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